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PGG Wrightson Seeds operates within the Australian market through PGG Wrightson Seeds, Agricom, Auswest Seeds, Stephen Pasture Seeds and PGG Wrightson Turf for both temperate and tropical forage and turf seed. The operations cover research and development, breeding, seed multiplication, cleaning, marketing, sales, distribution, mixing and seed treatment. PGG Wrightson Seeds also operates a commodity export business from Keith, South Australia.

PGG Wrightson Seeds is a leading forage seed business in Australia and has been involved with seed production, distribution and marketing since 1938.

PGG Wrightson Seeds introduced the first proprietary cultivars into Australia in 1987, and has led the development of improved pasture plant genetics in this country. PGG Wrightson Seeds have a comprehensive portfolio of ‘Performance Bred’ cultivars to increase on farm performance and profitability.

For more information visit www.pggwrightsonseeds.com.au

Auswest SPS Logos

AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds extensive portfolio includes both proprietary and common temperate pasture seeds, forage crops and tropicals, as well as lawn and bird seed. With access to a range of seed companies product portfolios, their in-field team of experienced agronomists are able to offer quality products and advice for any farming system.

AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds are our two distributor brands and were purchased by the company in 2008.

For more information visit www.ausweststephenseeds.com.au

Agricom Logo

Agricom offers a range of temperate pasture species of grasses, clovers, herbs and brassicas.

Agricom is a seed wholesaler closely aligned with its distributors AusWest Seeds, Stephen Pasture Seeds, Smyth Seeds, and Irwin Hunter. Agricom products are available through reputable seed resellers throughout Australia.  Agricom formerly traded as PGG Seeds until 2010.

For more information visit www.agricom.com.au 

Turf Logo

PGG Wrightson Turf has been breeding turfgrass seed specifically for the Australasian environment for nearly 40 years and has established itself as an innovative market leader in turfgrass breeding, and turf research and evaluation.

PGG Wrightson Turf has invested heavily into the Australian sports turf and retail turf trade industry and built a strong technical sales team backed by scientific research to ensure the right selection is available for customer’s specific requirements. The turf business is also increasingly active in the hydroseeding market, helping with large scale revegetation projects in many areas.

The turf sector is where many of our latest R&D break-throughs are showcased. An example is Avanex™, a specialist grass designed to deter birds – a feature that is used at airports and public areas.

For more information visit www.pggwrightsonturf.com.au