Communication and planning are the fundamental functions of our logistics team, ensuring we have the right products in the right place, at specification, at the right time, to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

PGG Wrightson Seeds has an extensive logistics and distribution network with centres throughout New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The operations function includes seed processing, treatment, storage, mixing and distribution.

PGG Wrightson Seeds operations sites have been strategically located in order to gain the maximum efficiencies from the transport hubs that emanate from these locations. At PGG Wrightson Seeds we have an extensive network of operational logistics facilities on the Eastern seaboard of Australia, from Launceston in Tasmania through to Mareeba in Northern Queensland. In total we operate 10 facilities providing best practise logistic solutions including importing and exporting operations, distribution. storage and processing, forage seed and pulse cleaning and processing.

Our logistics sites in Australia are located at: 

  • Armidale 
  • Ballarat 
  • Brisbane - Parkinson
  • Forbes 
  • Keith
  • Launceston 
  • Mareeba 
  • Melbourne
  • Moree  

Our investment in these facilities represents our commitment to improving the service we offer our customers throughout Australia:

  • Faster fulfilment of customer orders with product located closer to our customers
  • A rigorous quality control and purity, germination and endophyte testing program
  • Consistent quality of product and packaging distributed from every facility
  • Custom mixes and dispatch from each facility to its local customers

We extend our logistics framework to existing customers and welcome all new opportunities to support domestic and international logistics opportunities. Every year, for example, we do thousands of tons of custom mixes or blends on behalf of our retail customers.

Our product handling offering currently incorporates animal health products, forage, bird, turf, vegetable and food seeds products packaged in various packaging material from poly-woven, laminated, plastic and cardboard packaging consisting of product processed from 500 grams to a full 20 ton bulk load.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your logistics needs and to utilise our existing logistics expertise and footprint in the Australian agricultural industry.