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About Us

PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia is a proprietary seed company operating across each state. Our activities cover all aspects of the seed market, from R&D through to product supply, distribution and technical on-farm support.

Our Vision

To be the leading seed and turf company, backed by the best science, products and people, delivering a more profitable future for our business partners and farming communities.

Partners in pasture performance

With over 75 years’ experience in Australia, PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia employs over 120 staff with expertise ranging from plant breeding to agronomic sales support. Today we have more than 35 agronomists who work directly with farmers and retailers throughout each state to deliver leading forage cultivars and advice to the pastoral industry.

Our passion and expertise for developing the highest quality seed means we are able to deliver the best results to our customers – farmers and rural retailers.

In recent years, our commitment to extensive R&D programmes has led to noticeable advancements in pasture performance. This includes new cultivars delivering increased on-farm production and improved animal health, and novel endophyte technologies providing superior pest resistance.

Integrating innovation throughout Australia

Our commitment to Australian agriculture goes back to our origins in Australia. From our humble beginnings in Melbourne in the 1930s to the nationwide business we are today, we have sought to continually introduce new innovations to drive the success of Australian farmers. 

Today we are involved across the entire seed supply chain. In addition to our R & D programmes, we contract thousands of hectares of land for seed production. After harvest we work with seed cleaners and territory authorities to ensure that our seed is of the highest quality. We provide seed mixing and seed treatment services and we distribute from one of our ten distribution facilities across Australia.

Where we're making a difference

• We have a research centre at Ballarat where we breed and evaluate pasture products for Australia’s diversified pastoral systems.
• 15 major trial sites throughout the country further support R&D and our regional agronomists. This ensures rigorous product testing in different climatic and environmental conditions across Australia.
• Production agronomists across New South Wales and South Australia work directly with seed growers to maximise crop yields.
• Australia-wide 10 manufacturing and distribution facilities clean, treat, mix and deliver our seed technologies quickly and efficiently to our customers.
• We cover each state with 35 technical sales agronomists, working with our retail partners and farmers to integrate our products into local farm systems.

Backed by a growing global reputation for excellence

PGG Wrightson Seeds, headquartered in Christchurch, is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest proprietary pasture seed company. Over 400 specialist staff are fully focused on delivering innovative seed technologies to our customers in selected temperate and tropical regions around the world. With offices across NZ, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, we export our products to over 50 countries around the world.

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Our Values

PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia is governed by a set of core values that have been...