Seed Production

Our global production network allows us to produce seed in a range of climatic zones, ensuring the best quality product is delivered to our customers both here in Australia and around the world.

PGG Wrightson Seeds directly undertakes seed production in a number of regions in New Zealand, Australia and South America. In order to ensure an adequate supply of high quality seed PGG Wrightson Seeds has a team of dedicated production field agronomists (including agronomists with intimate knowledge of specialist multiplication vegetable seed crops) with extensive agronomic skills to supervise the production of varieties which are contracted for local and international markets. The production function is supported by excellent seed production, agronomy and R&D capabilities to support new crops and seed production practices.

In 2010, PGG Wrightson Seeds acquired the assets of Keith Seeds Ltd situated in Keith, South Australia. PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia now has access to a wide range of products that Keith Seeds previously supplied for both the Australian and export markets.

Grow with Us

PGG Wrightson Seeds produce a growers newsletter 'Grow With Us' to keep our production seed growers informed of the latest industry information, cultivars and management techniques to maximise the results of their seed production crops. The most recent versions of the newsletter are below.

Grow With Us - February 2012

Grow With Us - November 2011

For more information in growing seed production crops with PGG Wrightson Seeds please email Bruce Guy or call 03 9394 3405. 

1. Perennial Ryegrass
2. Hybrid Ryegrass
3. Annual Ryegrass
4. Tall Fescue
5. Cocksfoot
6. Tall Wheat Grass
7. Phalaris
8. Chicory
9. Plantain
10. White Clover
11. Red Clover
12. Strawberry Clover
13. Sub Clover
14. Bladder Clover
15. Persian Clover
16. Balansa Clover
17. Medics
18. Sulla
19. Lucerne
20. Rape 
21. Turnip
22. Lotus
23. Forage Brassica
24. Wheat 
25. Barley
26. Ryecorn
27. Field peas
28. Garden Peas
29. Broad Beans
30. Mustard
31. Vetch