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We work with over 1,000 seed retailers throughout Australia.

PGG Wrightson Seeds has a customer-focused technical field team of 28 staff, which is the largest technical field team of any pasture seed company in Australia. This team liaise directly with both retail and farmer customers ensuring specific needs are matched with the right product solution. We work with some of Australia’s oldest and largest rural retailers including Elders, Landmark and Murray Goulburn Trading as well as groups such as CRT, AIRR, NRI, AgNVet, Norco, and IHD. We try to tailor our offering to the requirements of each store (including product requirements, custom mixes, technical and marketing support, and logistics assistance).

PGG Wrightson Seeds has introduced an exclusive accreditation programme with a select group of agronomic focused retail customers for AR37 endophyte technology. This has meant that only the industry leading pasture agronomists can offer novel endophyte technology to their customers. This accreditation programme clearly highlights the company’s commitment to industry and product stewardship.

The company also has an industry leading turf business which provides customers with the latest turf products and technologies. The products from the turf business are widely used underfoot at many of Australia’s international sporting facilities and a number of these products are supplied to our rural retailers and turf clients.