100% commitment to Australian agriculture. From our products to our advice on agronomy we have the skills and expertise to assist in all farming situations – from large to small farming systems.


We have the skills and expertise and range of products and solutions to cater for every environment from Tasmania to Queensland.

We help to deliver a return on investment from farming. Farming is a challenging enterprise, and we understand that every dollar invested must show a return on investment. We understand this and have a network of skilled agronomists, with the expertise to ensure our cultivars maximise the performance of each farmer's unique production system.

Much of the work our agronomists do is focused on working with retail agronomists and farmers to utilise our cultivars to optimise production on farm. The broad range of our products mean we can tailor feedbase packages to the individual requirements of each farmer. What's more, our extensive trialling and testing program ensures we can stand behind our recommendations with confidence that our cultivars will perform in the environments we work in.