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Facts and Figures

•    PGG Wrightson Seeds exports seed to over 40 countries.

•    Produces seed for over 100 varieties.

•    In Australia PGG Wrightson Seeds has 6 production agronomists working with seed growers to maximise crop yields. We also procure significant quantities of commodity products through our procurement team.

•   Has 10 manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout Australia, ensuring we deliver our seed technologies quickly and efficiently.

•    Has 15 major trial sites throughout the country supported R & D  and regional agronomists. These are designed to test our products in different climatic and environmental conditions.

•    35 agronomists covering each state, working with our retail partners and farmers to integrate our products.


Q. Do you sell seed directly to farmers?
A. No, PGG Wrightson Seeds is the parent company of our product brands Agricom, Wrightson Seeds, PGG Wrightson Turf and South Edge Seeds who service different sectors of the Australian market with proprietary seed products. The products are only available through quality rural retailers. 

Q. Where can I buy seed from or find more information on particular varieties?
A. To find out more information visit the websites our brands,
For forage grass, brassica, herb and legume information visit agricom.com.au or wrightsonseeds.com.au
For tropical pasture seed information visit southedgeseeds.com.au
For turf and amenity information visit pggwrightsonturf.com.au

Q. How to I become a grower for seed production?
A. Please contact Bruce Guy on bguy@pggwrightsonseeds.com.au or call 03 9394 3405

Q. I am a student and interested in employment, how do I find out more information re job opportunities?
A. PGG Wrightson Seeds are setting up an internship programme for suitable university students. For more information on this and other career opportunities call Human Resources on 03 9394 3400 or email recruitment@pggwsa.com.au