PGG Wrightson Seeds is involved in a wide range of research to assist agronomists, farmers and rural retailers achieve a greater understanding of pastures and crops to improve productivity and profitability on-farm. Various publications and tools are produced by our subsidiary brands, refer to their websites for more information.

The following publications reflects the recent work in the areas of endophyte, common pasture pests and insects and pasture persistence issues in Australia. To access the papers below please contact the relevant orgainisation to obtain a copy of the proceedings.

Effect of Ryegrass Endophyte on Water Intake, Sewell et al, Published Southern Australia Grasslands, 2009

Grazing Tolerant Lucernes A Breakthrough in Lucerne Persistence, Published Grasslands Southern Australia, 2008

Persistence of Grazing Tolerant Lucernes under Australian Conditions, James Sewell, Published Grasslands Association NZ, 2011

Root Aphids, Published Grasslands Southern Australia, 2008